About Us

Rola Spikes  was established with the vision of offering the most effective anti-wall climb solutions in Africa. 8 years running straight since 2013 and been going strong ever since! We offer affordable solutions for perimeter security in order to curb the menace of burglary and intrusion that is prevalent in South Africa.

Owned by Security2Africa (PTY) Ltd are proud manufacturers and sole distributors of Rola Spikes ™ and Star Spikes™ in partnership with Spike-it www.spike-it.co.za and www.security2africa.co.za, currently the most effective anti-climb wall solution in the Market. Level B-BBEE compliance company.

Stop them from entering your property in the 1st Place...

Not just ROLA spikes  but all the other varieties of security spikes distributed by SPIKE-IT-SECURITY and Security2Africa provide an impenetrable line of defense to your property against intruders. The unsafe environment of South Africa due to the high crime rate becomes a wise valuable decision to safe guard your family and assets.

Your safety comes first...

Perimeter Security Spike Solutions are to stop intruders and wall jumpers from attempting to climb over your wall in the 1st place is why ROLA Spikes  believe that it all starts with Perimeter Security, your 1st line of Defense.

At ROLA SPIKES , we make use of the latest technology to provide updated perimeter security solutions to our clients to fit on various types of walls and fences.

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