The company that made these steel anti-climb wall spikes is not responsible for any injuries or damages that might happen when using or installing them. These spikes are meant to stop people from climbing over walls and should only be put in place by someone who's capable to do so. If you use or install these spikes, you're doing it at your own risk. We suggest putting up signs near where the spikes are installed to warn people about the risk of injury. If you're installing or handling the spikes, you should wear safety gloves and other protective gear to avoid getting hurt. If you buy or install these anti-climb wall spikes, you're agreeing not to hold the company that made them responsible for any problems that might happen. You're taking on all the risks and responsibilities tied to using and installing the spikes. The company won't have to pay for any damages or injuries, no matter how they happen, related to using or putting in these products."